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Body Wraps

Body Wraps

Detox & Firm Up

Given their unique ability to detoxify and tone your body, condition muscles, tighten the skin and provide visable results in terms of taking inches off your waist in your very first session –  this is why Body Wrap Treatments are one of our most popular treatments.



Body Wraps

Contour & Rejuvenate

As one of the most innovative and efficient treatments of its kind, the body wrap – also referred to as ‘body mask’ and ‘body cocoon’  – is a nourishing and beautifying treatment, specifically created for the purpose of enhancing the vitality, beauty and health of your skin (and the significant reduction of body measurements!)

Our cutting – edge Body Wrap formulas combine a unique set of essential minerals, nourishing oils, and vitamins that are perfectly combined with the purpose of being applied to the limbs and torso after which they are wrapped in cotton, plastic film or bandages.

This process does wonders for assisting your body with a powerful detoxification effect, releasing toxins and removing any excess water from the skin – leaving it radiant, vibrant and beautiful as it should be!

Our Body Wraps can be applied to the entire body or to specific parts of the body, igniting cellulite reduction and removing excess water. 

A Body Wrap treatment, is one of the most relaxing treatments available, while treating your body with incredible benefits such as:

  • Detoxification
  • Overall Health Improvement
  • Removal of Excess Water
  • Deep, Nourishing Refreshing Effect
  • Temporarily Reduced Body Weight
  • Dead Skin Removal
  • Intensive Moisturizing Effect
  • Deep Relaxation

Whether you want to enjoy a Body Wrap for the purposes of losing inches, aiding skin ailment, reducing cellulite, or pampering yourself – our quality Services will provide you with the perfect solution uniquely tailored to your needs and wishes.

Take your health, relaxation and detoxification on a whole new level – schedule your appointment by contacting us today!

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