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Day Spa Packages

Day Spa Packages in Newtown

Welcome to Paradise. We have a gorgeous range of day spa packages at our spa in Newtown. Now you can choose something exotic to pamper yourself and your partner. Our day spa packages do change from time to time, so come back regularly to see what amazing new treatments we have on offer.

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Goddess Package

$439 for 3 hours

Let the Goddess emerge, while you drift away in a treatment designed for the Gods. Begin with a luxurious Swedish massage to relieve muscle tension and melt away the tensions of the day. Followed by an invigorating salt scrub to improve circulation  And give your skin a natural glow. But it doesn’t stop there, your skin will be toned and tightened  with a detoxifying  body wrap and finish with a with a beautifying milk bath to leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Your treatment will be complete with a refreshing rain shower.

Egyptian Midnight Soak

$269 for 1 hour 45min

The Egyptian Midnight Soak begins with a revitalising Swedish massage and is followed by a salt infused scrub to  remove dead skin cells enriching your skin with minerals to help enhance its appearance. Once complete , relax while you bath in a cleansing and therapeutic tub, enriched with a  blend of certified organic essential oils, black clay and epsom salts that will leave your skin smooth and silky, followed by a rain shower to remove all impurities from the skin.

Norwegian Heat Treatment

$188 for 2 hours 15min

Starting with a detoxifying infrared sauna, allow your pores to open and toxins to be removed. The heat of the sauna works to increase your heart rate, boosting your blood circulation burning calories without the exercise. Then take another step in your journey with a Swedish massage to de - stress and relieve muscular tension. Follow this with a warm spa bath infused with bath salts to further reduce stress and sooth sore muscles and aching joints, topped with a refreshing rain shower. This treatment is sure to have you feeling nourished and refreshed like never before.

Sugar Daddy Pamper

$149 for 1 hour 30min

Enjoy a deep relaxation massage to release endorphins and calm stress levels. Not only will this stimulate the lymphatic system but improve skin tone and muscle tension, promoting a feeling of wellbeing. Then move onto an organic sugar scrub with the benefits of small granules to gently exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells, revealing the moist, shiny skin hidden underneath. Complete this indulgence with a rain shower to wash away toxins leaving your skin with a polished glow.

River Rock Therapy

$299 for 1 hour 45min

Native Americans would treat aching muscles by warming stones by a fire. Today hot stones are still used to deeply relax and warm up and loosen tight muscles. Add a body scrub to smooth and clean skin of impurities before tightening and firming skin in a beautiful body wrap. Complete this indulgence with a rain shower to hydrate your skin.

Soul Refresher Bath Soak

$215 for 2 hour2 15min

Nurture your skin in this enticing treatment. Allow the hot stones to sooth and relax tight muscles, stimulate circulation while you surrender to a sense of peace and tranquility. Then relax and soak in bath salts to bring balance to your body and mind whilst nurturing your skin, this will provide a silky soft feel and a glow to match after a rain shower.

Absolute Renewal Package

$215 for 1 hour 45min

Revitalise your mind and body whist you enjoy a relaxation massage to reinforce health and natural movements back into your body. Follow this with a rose pedal milk bath to breakdown proteins which hold together dead skin cells. The milk helps exfoliate the skin for softness, whist the lactic acid will leave you feeling clean. Complete this treatment with a rain shower to wash away toxins and dead skin cells from your body.

Pamper Me Package

$115 for 1hour 15min

Designed for those on the go, who deserve to feel nurtured and relaxed. Enjoy a relaxation massage with essential oils to relieve tension from your muscles and release endorphins for a feeling of wellbeing and peace. Follow this with a warm rain shower to leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Urban Treat

$199 for 1 hour 15min

Begin this skin revitalising treatment with an Alpha-hydroxy rich sugar scrub to remove flaky skin. This will not clog pores and is gentle on those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. Follow this with a clay skin firming wrap and a rain shower to get you feeling and looking flawless for a great night out.

Body Recovery Package

$199 for 1 hour 15min

Exfoliate your skin with a salt body scrub which will pave the way for fresh new cells to regenerate then combine this with a clay body firming mask and a rain shower which leaves you looking and feeling fabulous with a healthy glow.

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